This is the only tool you will need to tend a campfire. This is the new and improved blow poke that can be used to mix the wood while the campfire is going as well as increasing the supply of air to get the fire started. I have had so many positive things said about this blow poke that I decided that this would be the first piece to begin our foray into Etsy. This tool can also be used very effectively for fires in fireplaces. I have taken our original style of blow poke and improved it by lengthening it to a full 4' (give or take as it is handmade). I have also found a thicker wall pipe that provides strength while remaining lightweight enough for almost anyone to use comfortably. I have also increased the size of the mouthpiece to make it easier to blow air into. Our blow pokes can be made in differing lengths if necessary; just message me. The blow poke that we have created is, in my opinion, essential for anyone who loves the feeling of an open fire and makes a great gift. Please message me if you are interested in one for yourself and as a perfect gift. Available for free local pick up at our show room.   PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 47"L x 3"W (at the end where the hook is) x 1"H PRODUCT WEIGHT 3.3 lbs