Muskoka’s Blacksmith

At The Smithy, our team of skilled and experienced craftsmen does everything from traditional blacksmithing to modern metal fabrication. We can help you make practical, functional projects beautiful. And we can help you bring to life unique custom-designed projects. Come to us with your ideas, and let’s talk.

Exterior Lights
Fireplace Accessories
Interior & Exterior Railings
Sign Brackets & Hooks
Swim Ladders
Custom Projects

Enduring in its appeal, ironwork adds a potent mix of texture, history, and distinction to every space it inhabits.

Continuing the Blacksmith Tradition of Yesteryear

The Smithy’s roots were established when current partner Ryan Church’s grandfather, Ted Church, settled with his family in Muskoka after the Second World War. Throughout the war, Ted worked in the steel mills of Hamilton, which had turned their efforts to the manufacturing of materials such as artillery shells and steel for ship and tank construction. After 1945, Ted brought the metalworking skills he had acquired to Muskoka, where he essentially became the local blacksmith and turned his hand to whatever jobs required his service. The original shop, used by Ryan’s grandfather, still stands on site today, located behind the new facility.   Read More >