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At The Smithy, our team of skilled and experienced craftsmen does everything from traditional blacksmithing to modern metal fabrication. We can help you make practical, functional projects beautiful. And we can help you bring to life unique custom-designed projects. Come to us with your ideas, and let’s talk.


Whether you are mixing contemporary design with old-world charm or keeping to a traditional aesthetic, incorporate metalwork into your fireplace screens and glass doors for enduring appeal. 


Fireplace Grates

While at risk of sounding like a broken record the fireplace grates are the same style as we have been making since my grandfather first started the business. We use 5/8th” square solid steel spaced 1 ½” apart. This provides ample support for the logs while allowing the air to be able to circulate in to feed the fire. There are four standard sizes that are available but, like everything, we can also offer custom sizes for those unique fireplaces.

Ember Savers

The ember saver is the perfect compliment to the fireplace grate. It was an idea brought to my grandfather many years ago that we have incorporated into our grates ever since. Essentially, the ember saver is just screen that sits within the grate where the wood is burning and serves two purposes. The first is to protect the grate from having the burning wood sitting directly onto the steel. This will help to increase the life of the grate. The second purpose is to prevent the wood from extinguishing prematurely and falling to the floor of the fireplace with burning to a fine powder. This helps to increase the efficiency of the wood that is being burnt. It has been such a popular and useful idea that it is sometimes difficult to keep them in stock.

Fireplace Tools

Each of our fireplace tools is handmade using the same techniques and many of the tools that were used by my grandfather over seventy-five years ago. The tools are fabricated using 3/8 ths solid square steel which makes them both durable and light weight. Many of the tools that were built here all those decades ago are still in use today. Our tools are painted with flat black, anti-rust paint which lasts for many years. The two most popular styles are Standard and Ornate.

Wood Holders

Our wood holders are incredibly popular, and we have sold, just from our small shop in Muskoka, thousands over the years.  We make them for both inside and outside the home or cottage.  What sets our wood holders apart from so many of the others is the quality of construction and the customization that we can offer.

Our wood holders are constructed using both solid square stock steel and square tubing.


Never have people spent more time enjoying and enhancing their outdoor living spaces. Extend the outdoor seasons with a unique hand-crafted metal firepit to give your yard a focal point worth talking about and a place to warm your toes on chilly evenings.

Exterior Lighting

Make the lighting in or around your home truly one of a kind. We craft all kinds of lighting fixtures, from the ageless glow of our infamous carriage lamps to our styled wall sconces. Bring us your ideas and give yourself something special with a professionally crafted lighting fixture fabricated by skilled hands.


Interior & Exterior Railings

Beautify your space with wrought ironwork railings inside or out. Timeless in their appeal, iron railings and gates project strength, improve security, and defy trends. They are fully customizable to your property and architectural style, and like everything we do at The Smithy, they are made by hand to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Sign Brackets & Hooks

Make your home or business’s sign as individual as you are with a custom-forged sign bracket and hooks. Evoke the allure of olde Muskoka with wrought iron and ornate scrollwork, or give it a contemporary feel with clean lines and sharp angles. Make your first impression a lasting one.

Swim Ladders

One of the most important, functional items at home or the cottage, swim ladders help keep everyone safe and secure as they enjoy summer fun either poolside or lakeside. Our swim ladders can be customized to your space and offer all the benefits of our other metal fabrication projects: endurance, style, and strength.

Outdoor Ashtray

Over the years the prevalence of smoking has decreased throughout the population and that is something that everyone can agree is a good thing. What is even better is that fewer people continue to smoke indoors, opting to go outside to preserve the health of those indoors. Our outdoor ashtrays are perfect for smokers because they are made of solid steel square tube. The top has a hinged roof that allows the smokers to place their butts within the receptacle and then close the lid, protecting it from the elements. Inside is a round washer welded to the side of the tray for people to be able to stub their butts out. Once the tray is full, the contents, once fully cooled, can be disposed of easily in the trash. It is a terrific way to help keep your property and the environment cleaner, while adding a piece of wrought iron to the outdoor decor. Available with and without a stand. The stand gives the ashtray the ability to be moved around to anywhere on the property. This is perfect for lawn parties and family get togethers where many people are spread out.

Custom Projects

There’s almost no limit to the projects that metal fabrication can be used to create, from custom furniture to cabinet hardware to barn door tracks to ashtrays, bird houses and giftware. Enduring in its appeal, ironwork adds a potent mix of texture, history, and distinction to every space it inhabits. We invite you to peruse our gallery of past projects and get your creative juices flowing. Then bring us your idea, your sketch on a napkin, or your inspiration board. We’ll brainstorm with you and help you make it happen.